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The licensing system should protect the safety of those visiting and working in licensed premises. All licensed premises should therefore be safe, well managed and maintained. If you wish to obtain a premises license or make any variations to an existing license, you should be able to demonstrate to the licensing authority that you have carried out all practical steps to fulfill this objective.

At Ramli Fire, we can advise and complete all Premises Licence application forms and produce all associated licensing policies and procedures, which may be required by the local enforcing authority.

Your local Fire and Rescue Service will make any recommendations they feel are appropriate to the Licensing Authority, which your business needs to reflect. It is therefore very important that you have a fire risk assessment. The Fire Authority and Licensing authority would expect to see a ‘safe occupancy’ and operating schedule for your premises.

Our fire risk assessments and licensing advice ensures that you as customers get the maximum safe occupancy and financial yield from their business, and at the same time fulfills the licensing objective of ‘Public Safety’.

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